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About Me: I went from looking for god to finding him evil to finding he does not exist, all before turning 14. Now, I can proudly say, I'm a libertarian, an anarchist, and a free thinker.
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    Religion and small penises
    Saturday, June 03, 2006
    Whenever I think about abstinence until marriage, I cannot help but wonder, how does it feel for a girl not to know what she wants from her husband in the bed.

    What if the penis that you are to live with for the rest of your life is not what one could call satisfying? On the other hand, you wouldn’t have known this if you have had no other experience.

    As a girl I can tell you that size does matter and if you have never had known any but that of your husband’s, then a man who has a small penis does not have to worry about being judged.

    Wow! That’s really a man’s paradise!

    This leads me to think that hey, perhaps all this religions are just men’s way of looking out for each other. Some kind of Men’s Club. A way of protecting their manhood irrespective of penis size.

    So next time you see a guy promoting abstinence untill marriage, just know he probably does not have much of a package in between his legs. And if you saw a virgin girl, just be happy that at least you know what you want and that you can never be fooled.
    posted by Roya @ 1:37 AM  
    • At 3/6/06 6:08 PM, Blogger Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said…

      I was concerned about that too before I got married. I would have hated to end up with a girl with a very large vagina and have to second guess the rest of my life

    • At 3/6/06 6:15 PM, Blogger Watcher said…


      You have a very valid point, especially considering that almost 100%, and in some cases 100%, of all priests in all religions are men.

      And yes, what about trial and error?

    • At 3/6/06 6:22 PM, Blogger TheJollyNihilist said…

      Like it or not, sexual compatibility is very important. People really should know the sexual "facts" about a mate prior to marriage. And, it's not just the penis being too small or the vagina being too large. A girl also might end up married to Mandingo, and that's not everybody's cup of tea.

      I know, before I get married, I'll need to know my girlfriend and I are sexually compatible.

    • At 3/6/06 7:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I find the comments silly. My wife and I were both virgins when we married, though her hymen had been broken during a procedure while she was in grammar school. My penis size had nothing to do with our breakup and I am still a virgin and will not give up my search for a soulmate. I miss her and wish we could have worked out or that she could have seen her way to giving herself to me physically but what can one do? I miss our son too and wish the secret of his patrimony could be kept forever but I don't think she will keep that promise.

      Logicaliman, Los Angeles, CA

    • At 3/6/06 8:06 PM, Blogger Roya said…

      Lol! Was this a joke?

      Anonymous, what the hell are you talking about? Did you have a point?

      All the comments were about sexual compatibility that one may not find without first having the experience before marraige. All of them made good points.

      "Though her hymen had been broken during a procedure while she was in grammar school."

      Oh, how gullible! LMAO!

    • At 3/6/06 9:21 PM, Blogger Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said…

      Lets see, she was a virgin, and they had a son, and he still is a virgin.

      Do you sense that he misses Little Jesus and has a God complex?

    • At 4/6/06 4:22 AM, Blogger CyberKitten said…

      It's certainly an interestong PoV regarding male dominated religions... [rotflmao].

      There could be a PhD thesis in there somewhere!

    • At 9/6/06 8:08 AM, Blogger Jewish Atheist said…


    • At 16/6/06 9:18 AM, Blogger Lya Kahlo said…

      "Lets see, she was a virgin, and they had a son, and he still is a virgin."

      I spent a full thirty seconds re reading that post trying to figure out what I wasn't understanding.

      Then, I realized, it didn't make sense.

      I want my 30 seconds back.


    • At 20/6/06 9:50 AM, Anonymous Parge said…

      Interesting hypothesis. I think you could expand in into body issues in general. It would be ironic if corporeal obsession was a major aspect of spiritual dysfunction. It deserves further discussion.

    • At 20/6/06 12:01 PM, Blogger JaundiceJames said…

      I like your attitude. -JJ

    • At 16/7/06 10:08 AM, Blogger toomanytribbles said…

      penis size and vagina size has so very little to do with sexual compatibility. one has to know what to do with said penis. one also has to understand that a vagina is a birth canal and women have something called a clitoris.

      the more probable difficulty is repressed sexuality because of religious beliefs, before or after marriage. if you're burdened with guilt because you believe that sex for pleasure is a sin, you're not going to get far beyond the basics anyway.

    • At 4/8/06 4:29 PM, Anonymous The_Waheed said…

      Female humans liking a large penis is probably a genetic thing related to offspring. Perhaps a larger penis represents increased chances of a sperm reaching and fertilising an egg and therefore to produce offspring.

    • At 7/8/06 11:16 PM, Blogger max said…

      I once picked up a woman , yes a regular woman,at the science museum in HK, and we ended up going to a love hotel that night after coffee and kissing in the park. There was a condom in the ashtray and we both died laughing as I tried to put it on. It was hysterical as I tried and tired.

      I ended up going out to the 7-11 for some American made.
      Later I found out from reading Jan Wong (Red China Blues) that they make sizes smaller for Asia.
      And as time went along and the women flung themselves at me time after time, I discovered that although I was just a regular guy back home I was a God in Asia.
      So Western women no longer interest me.
      Sorry to be so racist.
      Actually at first I thought Asian women looked weird but after 10 years in country I thought Western women looked like horses.

    • At 7/8/06 11:23 PM, Blogger max said…

      Oh and I heard the largest manufactured sizes were for Africa. Don't blame me for being racist, blame the condom makers.

      That reminds me during the cold war, some Texans got an order for condoms from the USSR so they sent some boxes of rubbermaid gloves and said they were sorry but that was the smallest size they got and please excuse the French ticklers.

    • At 8/8/06 12:02 AM, Blogger max said…

      Damn! Lost my comment and have to rewrite. $#$ blogger.

      "Though her hymen had been broken during a procedure while she was in grammar school."

      Yeah I learned that procedure too though it was a little later that grammar school.

      I read recently psych profiles of the Jihadists being basically motivated by sexual repression.
      Basically they want to kill everyone on earth because they are scared of women.

      Yeah , you are right the idea of religions is to protect their access and ownership of the female slave, women as cattle, cattle are always more important to power elites.

    • At 10/8/06 1:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      "Lets see, she was a virgin, and they had a son, and he still is a virgin."


      Look at the guy's name "Logicaliman". :P


    • At 24/12/07 1:47 AM, Blogger Logicaliman said…

      This is the real, Logicaliman.

      That 'anonymous' statement was made by that good for nothing stay at home househusband Bacon.

      It's funny how I came across this by accident. Athieste Girl is probably none other than the transgender athieste Baconeater.

      LOL ...

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