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About Me: I went from looking for god to finding him evil to finding he does not exist, all before turning 14. Now, I can proudly say, I'm a libertarian, an anarchist, and a free thinker.
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    Top Muslim leader in Australia compares women to meat.
    Monday, October 30, 2006
    Excerpts of al-Hilali's speech from BBC:
    This is the edited transcript of Sheik Taj el-Din al-Hilali's controversial speech. It was translated from Arabic by Dalia Mattar, from Australian broadcaster SBS, and originally printed by The Australian newspaper.
    "Those atheists, people of the book [Christians and Jews], where will they end up? In Surfers Paradise? On the Gold Coast? Where will they end up? In hell. And not part-time. For eternity. They are the worst in God's creation.
    Who commits the crimes of theft? The man or the woman? The man.
    'Women's responsibility'
    That's why the man was mentioned before the woman when it comes to theft because his responsibility is providing.
    But when it comes to adultery, it's 90% the women's responsibility. Why? Because a woman possesses the weapon of seduction. It is she who takes off her clothes, shortens them, flirts, puts on make-up and powder and takes to the streets, God protect us, dallying. It's she who shortens, raises and lowers. If the meat was covered, the cats wouldn't roam around it.
    Then it's a look, then a smile, then a conversation, a greeting, then a conversation, then a date, then a meeting, then a crime, then Long Bay jail. [laughs]. Then you get a judge, who has no mercy, and he gives you 65 years.
    But when it comes to this disaster, who started it? In his literature, scholar al-Rafihi says: 'If I came across a rape crime - kidnap and violation of honour - I would discipline the man and order that the woman be arrested and jailed for life.'
    'Uncovered meat'
    Why would you do this, Rafihi? He says because if she had not left the meat uncovered, the cat wouldn't have snatched it. If you take a kilo of meat, and you don't put it in the fridge or in the pot or in the kitchen but you leave it on a plate in the backyard, and then you have a fight with the neighbour because his cats eat the meat, you're crazy. Isn't this true? If you take uncovered meat and put it on the street, on the pavement, in a garden, in a park or in the backyard, without a cover and the cats eat it, is it the fault of the cat or the uncovered meat? The uncovered meat is the problem.
    If the meat was covered, the cats wouldn't roam around it. If the meat is inside the fridge, they won't get it. If the meat was in the fridge and it [the cat] smelled it, it can bang its head as much as it wants, but it's no use.
    'Satan's weapons'
    If the woman is in her boudoir, in her house and if she's wearing the veil and if she shows modesty, disasters don't happen. That's why he said she owns the weapon of seduction. Satan sees women as half his soldiers: "You're my messenger to achieve my needs."
    Satan tells women: "You're my weapon to bring down any stubborn man. There are men that I fail with. But you're the best of my weapons."
    The woman was behind Satan playing a role when she disobeyed God and went out all dolled up and unveiled and made of herself palatable food that rakes and perverts would race for. She was the reason behind this sin taking place.
    posted by Roya @ 10:11 PM  
    • At 31/10/06 7:10 AM, Blogger beepbeepitsme said…

      This guy needs to step down. His comments are unacceptable no matter who said them.

    • At 31/10/06 5:53 PM, Blogger Shalini said… he a rapist himself?


    • At 31/10/06 6:28 PM, Blogger Roya said…

      He once called a female journalist, a whore.

    • At 2/11/06 2:16 AM, Anonymous religion of pieces said…

      Some Muslims do regard Kaffir girls quite literally as 'uncovered meat'

      "Based on an article in the Manchester Metro newspaper blogs started to publish the fact that her body may have been turned into burgers and kebabs and served up at the 'Funny Boyz' takaway."


    • At 2/11/06 3:09 AM, Blogger Roya said…

      That's quite scary, religion of pieces. There is nothing funny about 'Funny Boyz' or many muslim treditions for that matter. :(

    • At 2/11/06 8:05 AM, Anonymous religion of pieces said…

      Hi roya,
      Here's another 20 scary facts:

      Twenty facts that every infidel should know about Islam:

      Islam ...

      1) Is a mind-control and information-control cult founded by a murderer, torturer, brigand, rapist and pedophile called Mohammed. The mind-control and information-control aspects require that all criticism be silenced.

      - Mind and information control: , , , ,

      - Mohammed's criminality: , , , ,

      - Mohammed’s pedophilia:, ,

      - Mohammed’s incestuous lust for his daughter-in-law: , , , ,

      - Silencing criticism: ,,,2092-2058502,00.html , ,

      2) Is Mohammed's personality cult. Has no foundations other than Mo's murderous rantings (Koran and Hadith). The Koran consists of two conflicting parts - Meccan and Medinan (peaceful and violent respectively). The Medinan stuff supersedes ('abrogates') the Meccan stuff. Muslims act Medinan, but quote Meccan verses to the gullible infidels.

      - Mohammed as a cult leader: , , ,

      - Meccan and Medinan verses: , , ,

      3) Claims to worship the same God as Christians and Jews, but in fact worships Allah - a demonic channelling through Mohammed's psychopathic ego. The Death Cult mixes garbled travesties of Christian and Jewish scriptures with pagan practices such as moon and meteorite-worship, and cut-throat blood sacrifice of animals and non-believers.

      - Allah and God: , , , ,

      - Origins of the koran : , , , ,

      - Allah's pagan daughters: , ,

      - Meteorite worship: , , ,, ,

      - Animal sacrifice to Allah: , ,

      - Human sacrifice to Allah: , , , , , , ,

      4) Has no rational, philosophical nor theological basis, and the whole belief-system is contradicted by science, philosophy, commonsense, human decency and internal inconsistency.

      - Flat earth: ,

      - Contradictions in the koran: , , , , ,

      5) Cannot withstand rational criticism. Can only spread and maintain itself by ignorance, illiteracy, war, terrorism, and intimidation. Islam has bloody borders and cannot co-exist peacefully with other belief systems. Winston Churchill said that Islam in a man is as dangerous as hydrophobia (rabies) in a dog.

      - Irrationalism: , , ,

      - Islamic intellectual achievements: , ,

      - Intimidation against criticism and apostasy: , ,

      - Bloody borders: ,

      - Intrinsically violent: , , , , , , , ,

      - Churchill: ,

      6) Has a superstitious dread of images of pigs, crosses, Buddhas, Saint George (and his flag) and of course Motoons.

      - Buddhas, crosses and teddy bears:,11599,1109291,00.html ,,

      - Pigs: , ,,2763,939398,00.html , , , , ,

      - Toonophobia: ,

      - Saint George: , ,

      7) Regards Islamic women as semihuman. Wife-beating, incest and child abuse (including mufa’khathat or 'thighing' - the ritual abuse of infants) are encouraged.

      - Treatment of women: , , ,

      - Infant abuse and ‘thighing’: , , , ,

      8) Regards all unbelievers (Kaffirs, Kuffar, Kufrs, Kafirs) as ritually unclean subhumans to be killed, subjugated, enslaved, exploited or parasitised. Kafirs are described by the Arabic word 'najis' - literally 'filth'. That's why Muslim hatred of Kafirs is intrinsic to their 'religion'. A Kafir doesn't need to DO anything to offend a Muslim, his very existence is enough of an affront.

      - Najis kafirs: , , ,

      - Treatment of kafirs: ,

      - Enslavement of kaffirs: , , ,

      9) The ethical system applies only to Muslims. Allah encourages rape, pillage, extortion and enslavement of non-Muslims. Morality does not extend beyond the global gang (ummah). Muslim ethics are the ethics of the Mafia.

      - Loyalty to the Ummafia , ,

      - Massacre, rape, pillage and enslavement: , ,

      10) Allah's followers are motivated by hatred, greed and lust. There is no love, mercy or compassion. Allah is vindictive, unpredictable, capricious and devious - "Allah leads astray whom he pleases".

      - Hate cult: , , ,

      - Women as plunder: ,

      - Barbarism: , ,

      - Allah - Father of Lies: , ,

      11) The only religion NOT founded on The Golden Rule. Morality is based on Mohammed's example. If Mohammed did it then it's OK for all Muslims. Hence the encouragement of rape, pillage, subjugation and murder of non-believers and the institutionalised pedophilia prevalent throughout Muslim society (justified by Mohammed's activities with Ayesha, his child sex-slave - see and listen to

      - Golden Rule: , ,

      - Mohammed as the example of ‘the perfect man’: , ,

      - Institutionalised pedophilia: , , , ,

      - Jihadic rape: , , ,

      12) All human relations are defined by Dominance/Subjugation. Muslims have schizoid inferiority/superiority complexes. (A well-balanced Muslim is one with a chip on each shoulder). They respect strength but despise compromise as weakness. Appeasement invites more aggression. The only political system which has been strong enough to subjugate Islam is Stalinism.

      - Honor/shame, dominance and subjugation: , , ,

      - Inferiority complex:,,1072-2359800,00.html ,

      - Appeasement: ,

      13) Polygamy ensures alpha-males get extra women, leading to a shortage of women for the betas. Beta-males must either jerk off (a sin leading to hell), or form dog-packs and rape or capture kafir women as booty in a razzia, or else self-destruct in the presence of infidels then they can screw 72 mythical virgins in Allah's bordello in the sky (see and listen to Beta-males are often encouraged by their relatives to become suicide bombers because of the belief that such murderous 'martyrs' will be able to intercede with Allah to take 70 of their relatives to paradise with them.

      - Polygamy and Jihad: ,

      - Muslim rape: , ,

      - Paradise: , ,

      - Bomber’s relatives go to paradise: , ,

      14) Lying and deception of infidels (taqiyya) is encouraged. This may take many forms, including outright lies, feigned moderation, and condemnation of terrorist attacks to the Kaffir while rejoicing with fellow Muslims. All Muslims need to regard themselves as victims of some group of Kafirs so they can harbor grudges against them and against Kafirs in general. Individuals may appear law-abiding and reasonable, but they are part of a totalitarian movement, and must be considered potential killers who can flip in an instant (SJS -'Sudden Jihad Syndrome').

      - Taqiyya: , , , , , ,

      - Muslim victimology , , ,

      - SJS , , , ,

      15) Muslims are forbidden to befriend Kaffirs except for purposes of deceit or where conversion may be possible. , ,

      16) The Koran is Allah's final word and cannot be changed or challenged. To do so is punishable by death. Consequently, the Death Cult can never change or be reformed. The instructions to murder and rape infidels are just as valid now as the day they were written. Since Islam cannot be modernised, the Muslims are attempting to Islamise modernity. This requires spreading Islam in the West and simultaneously preventing any criticism of the cult by intimidation and PC legislation to curtail freedom of expression.

      - Koran as literal word of Allah:,4273,4048586,00.html ,

      - Koranic principles of jihad: ,

      - Intimidation and censorship: , , , ,

      17) Treaties and agreements with Kaffirs are made to be broken (Hudna). The word of a Muslim to a Kafir counts for nothing in the eyes of Allah. Allah is The Father Of Lies.

      - Hudna: , ,

      18) The world is divided between Dar-al-Islam and Dar-al-Harb (the domain of war, the Kufr lands). Muslims living in Dar-al-Harb must work to disrupt their host nations until these can be brought into Dar-al-Islam.

      - Dar al Harb and the Umma: , , ,

      19) Muslims have no obligation to their host nations and in fact are encouraged to parasitise them. Welfare fraud, identity theft, forgery etc are endemic in Western Muslim populations, and serious crime against Kaffirs is regarded as normal and justified. Extortion rackets against Kafirs are mandated by the Koran ('jizya' is the Arabic term for 'protection money' payable by Jews and Christians to Muslims).

      - Subversion and disloyalty: , , , , ,

      - Parasitism:,,2004591199,00.html , , , ,

      - Jizya extortion , , , , , , ,

      - The Muslims as a liability and welfare dependence: , , ,

      20) The attack on the host nation isn't just against its religion and economy, but is aimed at its very cultural identity. Islam is a complete system, including a culture, which Muslims regard as superior (despite all evidence to the contrary) to other cultures. Muslims are therefore required to destroy the symbols of 'Jahiliya' (sometimes sp. Jahiliyya) - non-Muslim culture. In the East this has included destruction of Hindu temples and Christian churches and replacement with mosques, and destruction of Buddhist artwork and universities and replacement with heaps of rubble. This process of cultural replacement is now beginning in the West..

      - Destruction of Hindu and Buddhist Culture: , , , , , ,

      - Attacks on Christian Culture: , , , ,,2933,214195,00.html

    • At 3/11/06 2:02 AM, Blogger Roya said…

      Thanks ROP.

    • At 7/11/06 2:25 AM, Blogger Lui said…

      This fucker's lower than a cockroach.

    • At 9/11/06 8:06 PM, Blogger Tommy said…

      Everyone should know that it is us guys who are meat. That is why the ladies refer to clubs where lots of guys hang out as meat markets.

      It's really warped to argue that rape is a woman's responsibility as if the man has no control over his actions.

      "What can I say, I saw her bare ankles and I got a woody, so I just had to have her."

      I remember watching a video on Youtube where some Muslim scholar claims that a woman wearing a veil is less likely to be raped than a woman who is scantily clad. On the contrary, if I were a rapist, I would be more likely to rape the covered Muslim girl, because rape is about exercising power and demeaning the female victim. And what could be more demeaning for a Muslim woman than to be raped.

    • At 13/12/06 7:05 PM, Blogger khengsiong said…

      Read a related post here...

    • At 30/4/07 5:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Hey I realise I should not be an athiest. This guy actually healed a young person who was wheel chair bound and blind. He got on our local TV because of it. The guy now sees and drives a car, no more wheel chair. The guy had been like it for like ever. Oh, I thought i would leave you the website to look at this guy has healed heaps of people. Totally cool as; then there is this guy Simon Murray a dark dude, he was like met by this guy and he knew stuff about him before hand. this Jesus character keeps doing stuff, and sort of know all sorts of things about me. Been real encouraging too. Is totally better than winging and wining about how bad life is I mean, when was the last time an athiest healed some one. I think being an athiest must be a total drag. Some sort of dark sub culture, for school dropouts. I guess I do have a degree but lets face it you would be better off, with one of those in heaven, than watching as the Degrees increasing in hell. Damn I am even scaring myself. Damn I just said Damn. Damn, Damn, ... Oh I have lost the plot now ... oh yeah he was blind as well. Damn. Oh just get em saved today God save them the hastle of listening to my diatripe. They have to choose some day. Who knows givem all you got, and if they dont budge then, Damn they are dumb. They should check the facts, or it just proves my point they don't know how to research. But then who cares get em with out research ... just get em. Grrrrr. xxx ooo xxx

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