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    Defending Israel
    Friday, January 05, 2007
    It seems leftists have won the public opinion on the Middle East conflict, so I'm asking anyone who has interesting information, articles or anything of that matter, to submit them to me for a long post that I want to do to show how the leftists have twisted the truth on Israel.

    Some of the topics would be: The truth on the creation of Israel, the secularity of the state of Israel, etc.

    I'm also interested in setting up a site with the help of anyone who is interested in promoting the end of the occupation of the American continent and Australia by Whites. Those facists, racists whites need to go back to where they have come from (Europe maybe?) and give back the land they have occupied for so long to their rightful owners. That would put things in context. I would love to see those leftists defending their occupation of the Aboriginal land. The Aboriginese here have never accepted the occupation of their land. SO WHY DON"T WE TALK ABOUT THEM, HA? IS IT BECAUSE THEY DON'T DO SUICIDE BOMBING? WELL IF THIS IS SO, THEN I'M GOING TO INCOURAGE THEM. If the west responds to suicide bombing then they deserve to be bombed.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't believe Australia is occupied but if you say Palestine is, then by that definition so is Australia.

    Answer me this. would ayone reading this, give up their land if some aboriginal person says my ancesters have lived on this spot of land (that you own now) so I want it back?
    posted by Roya @ 4:27 PM  
    • At 7/1/07 6:57 PM, Blogger Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said…

      I just wrote a piece on Lefties and their misconception of Israel:) I didn't see this post first.

      Also, check out the Sudanese Thinker's post on Zionism. He writes a bit about the Kurds.

    • At 7/1/07 7:14 PM, Blogger Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said…

      Oh, an article: Why the left hates Israel

    • At 10/1/07 10:46 PM, Blogger Stardust said…

      roya, I have been asking the same thing about Native Americans and the U.S. What if the Native Americans suddenly had an uprising and started killing people who live here who are not of Native American descent and then they and other nations called for those who are not of Native American descent to get out. Where would we go, would we want to go?

      But no need to worry about that, we have the Native Americans put "in their place" now don't we?

      How can people side with governments who are run by superstitious religious lunatics who are happily and excitedly looking forward to the coming of the 12th Imam which they believe will happen (and even want to help it to happen) within the next two years? On GifS I posted a link to the Iranian constitution and if anyone took time to read it they would see that this is the goal of Iran stated right in their own have one universal government for Allah. Leftists are not taking the religious reasons for the things Muslims do seriously...and Muslims are dead serious about their insane religion. They have proven this through the many suicide bombings they carry out on regular basis.

    • At 11/1/07 3:44 PM, Blogger Roya said…

      Star, you may be interested in this article:

      It says it all.

    • At 11/1/07 4:01 PM, Blogger Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said…

      Stardust, I'm finding a few Lefties on Raving Atheist to be same way.
      They paint Israel with the same brush as the Palestinians. They don't realize that Israel is dealing with Islam and that Islam is not Judaism.

      The big thing is that Judaism doesn't look for new members and Jews don't want to occupy the planet.

    • At 16/1/07 10:03 PM, Blogger Lui said…

      While I defend Israel's right to exist and for its people to live without the threat of terrorism, I also defend the right of the Palestinian people to live without the threat of Israeli state terrorism. Before anyone says "yes, but..." consider that it isn't only "lefties" and Muslims who are denouncing Israeli actions. Many Israeli soldiers themselves have refused to serve in the occupied territories, citing "the subjugation of an entire people" as their reason for doing so. I watched a documentary a couple of years ago about these "refuseniks", as they're known. They include some of the most well-trained special forces operatives in the IDF; they cited the "corrupting" influence of the occupation as a reason not to serve. At least some of them are Zionists, not naive kids who just want to complain about everything. While suicide bombing is flat-out wrong, Israel is far from being blameless.

    • At 18/1/07 1:40 PM, Anonymous milukfrog said…

      Hm, I tried to comment yesterday but it seems to have disappeared. Maybe that tricksy Coyote ate it, haha
      Anyway, I am one of those Native Americans. Yeah, we'd like our continent back - thanks fer asking!
      Snark aside, there are reasons that Indians haven't taken up suicide bombing. One is demographics - we only make up about 1 % of the US population. No one thinks 99% of the population could be expelled. However, we Indians still do fight for rights (to land, cultural rights etc) it is just usually done thru political means - Congress and the federal courts - rather than thru armed conflict. On occasion tho', there are some ugly conflicts - like the armed standoff at Oka in 1990, or confrontations over fishing rights in the upper midwest in the early 90s (and same in the 70s in the PNW).
      So don't worry, we Indians aren't likely to come after anyone with a weapon. We do however appreciate the contributions and rental payments left at our casinos. ;)
      And so yes, I can understand why Palestinians want their own country and no longer fear being driven from their homes to make way for Israeli settlements. Even tho' I abhor the violence and crazy racist and religious prejudice that has become so widespread.

    • At 21/1/07 11:10 AM, Blogger Archie T said…

      Computer scientist Mark Humphrys' page on Israel

      Humphrys' page on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

      Humphrys' pages address criticisms against Israel and have links to many relevant articles.

      Like Sam Harris, Steven Weinberg, and David Deutsch, Mark Humphrys is a culturally liberal atheist scientist who understands the threat of militant Islam.

    • At 22/1/07 2:52 AM, Blogger Roya said…

      Thank you, archie t.

    • At 23/1/07 3:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


      Roya is whining because the majority of civilized human beings are seeing through the BS perpetrated by Zionists.

      Sorry Roya but the pendulum is swinging back. The Zionists have squandered the goodwill the Holocaust created and reasonable human beings are examining Israeli practices with uncovered eyes.

      Maybe its time for you to reconsider your world view?


    • At 31/1/07 7:27 PM, Blogger Watcher said…

      Hey Roya,

      Check out this blog, it has lots of info you're looking for.

    • At 4/2/07 12:07 PM, Blogger Watcher said…

      Here's a good article about anti-Semitic paranoia in the Muslim world - The Swastika and the Scimitar.

      And you might remember Islamonazism.

    • At 8/2/07 6:59 PM, Blogger Krishna109 said…

      In terms of disinformation about Israel from the Left and the media, I've posted some really good links in links section VI-- Monitors of Media & Other Propaganda -- on my blog [A Deeper Look]... scroll down left side column to Section VI [also check out Section VII]

    • At 8/2/07 7:06 PM, Blogger Krishna109 said…

      I am having computer problems tonight, so am posting this info in several short posts, rather than one long one.

      The truth about Israel's creation-- IMHO the single best presentation is ConceptWizard's 'History in a Nutshell'.

      Also, 'Nutshell Too'-- this is the more ancient history of the area.

      All of their presentations are excellent- I highly recomment looking at all of them--

    • At 8/2/07 7:25 PM, Blogger Krishna109 said…

      INHO, This is a comprehensive site that contains a tremendous amount of information, well presented. Probably one of the single best sites on the 'net for mid east info--It pays to spend some time going through the site

      Here are a few more good sites I know of

      -Where did the name Palestine come from--

      -Arab Israel conflict-basic facts

      -Tom Gross has a few interesting articles on specific topics, especially see 'The Forgotten Rachels' and collection of anti-semitic cartoons from arab media [ADL has more of these]

      -Again, in my links section-- Section IV. Photos, Drawings & Maps...some interesting things you might not see elsewhere...

      -My links section XIII. Websites/Weblogs: Israel & Israeli Focus ... some are just ok--just regular blogs-- but also some really good resources re Israel...

      [GIYUS is interesting, if you subscibe [free] every day they put one news or action item on your desktop-- this is current stuff though, not background info--if that days item doesnt interest you, you can click 'no thanks' and it is deleted]

      I am in the process of major re-organization of the links section...those at the the beginning are more up to date...those further down the column havent all been updated yet

      Lastly, near bottom... lots of clickable icons...some go to interesting stuff...


      PS - These are jsut a few quick ideas--if I can help in any way, you can email me-- see the 'EMAIL ME' button way down in the left column of my blog

    • At 22/2/07 1:26 AM, Anonymous bernarda said…

      Defending Israel is a difficult, even impossible task. Here is a little historical reminder. "The Sands of Sorrow" about Palestinian refugees 60 years ago. And you wonder why the children(and their children's children)in this documentary might just be a little bit resentful of zionists?

      Also on Google Video.

    • At 5/8/07 8:51 AM, Blogger David said…

      After I get done reading about the latest asymmetrical (a village for an eye) brutalities committed by the Israeli war machine, I'll get right on that topic. Thanks for sharing.


    • At 8/12/07 9:16 AM, Anonymous telran said…

      I don't know how this will be received, but I personally think that the initial creation of the state of Israel was a mistake. The arbitrary creation of states "for" a specific group of people isn't exactly a moral action.
      However, its too late to get rid of them now, if it was wrong to create it then the world governments should never have created it in the first place, there was a perceived need to give these people (jews --> race/religion) a state, but that doesn't mean they should have done so on land that already had people living on it.
      Its the same with the US, it is quite sad that the morally wrong group won out, and that the "Native" Americans lost their land, however it is too late to give it back, it is impractical and immoral to move all the people who have been born in these places to some other state, throughout history land has been seized and taken from different groups. It makes no sense to arbitrarily roll back the clock, the "native" americans do not deserve special treatment and do not deserve any real special rights or privileges because they weren't the ones wronged!!! individuals are wronged, and just because a specific group of individuals were wronged that doesn't mean that group of individuals continue to be wronged.
      I am on the side of those who say that the Palestinian people lost the war for the land, now its there actions that need to be taken account of, Israel is no saint but they are not helping their own cause through violence.
      The more important thing should be to have a safe state where the people can live in peace, it doesn't matter if they think they deserve the land back from 60 years ago, they may very well have been wronged, but they are responsible for their own actions in continuing the wrongs.
      I think its just like Iraq, the people there are responsible for their own actions, they shouldn't have started a war with the US occupation forces simply because they cannot win it, they will end up getting themselves and everyone around them killed, its not the fault of the US that people are blowing themselves up in the streets, the US should not be condemned when this happens, and the US should not be told to leave Iraq, if they leave there is no way of knowing if the one side will slaughter the other or not. The US needs to help stabilize the situation any way they can, those who chose to use force and cause civilian deaths are the ones to blame, the US army is not completely blameless but they are far better then the bombers.
      Now, Israel does not exist by occupation, neither does the US or Australia, and the native peoples of these countries (specifically the last 2) do not have any right to the land their ancestors had back. The are not wronged by the existing population, and the existing population would be wronged if we started giving land back.
      Sorry for the rambling, it just seems people are trying to appease the Palestinian groups as well as the "native" americans.
      To sum up, Israel doesn't have to give the land back. It should never have been theirs in the first place.
      However its just as immoral to take land from an Israeli citizen and give it to a Palestinian as it was for the Israeli people to take it in the first place.
      An immoral action does not provide justification for another immoral action even if the party involved thinks they deserve some sense of justice. The world is unfair and sometimes there is no one to punish for wrongs.

    • At 8/12/07 9:19 AM, Anonymous telran said…

      On a side note, sorry for posting here, I didn't see how long it had been since there was last a comment.

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