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Name: Roya
Home: sydney, Australia
About Me: I went from looking for god to finding him evil to finding he does not exist, all before turning 14. Now, I can proudly say, I'm a libertarian, an anarchist, and a free thinker.
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    Kurdish Dancing (Halparke)
    Sunday, September 17, 2006
    kurdish madascar
    Kurdi Dance Video
    posted by Roya @ 2:06 AM   7 Comments
    Saturday, September 16, 2006
    Kurdish Halparke in Europe
    I thought this clip on Kurdish dance (Halparke/Halparin) would be educational. Hope you all like it.
    posted by Roya @ 12:53 AM   10 Comments
    Netanyahu on Israeli acts of self-defence
    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    I found this on the Atheist Jew Blog. In this clip Netanyau does a good job in putting Israeli acts of self-defence in perspective.
    posted by Roya @ 8:58 PM   26 Comments
    I as a Kurd do not support PKK's terrorist acts
    Wednesday, September 13, 2006
    I have been asked in recent times to speak up against terrorism acts at the hands of Kurdish based PKK party. So now I'm going to formaly write a post condemning their acts.

    I as a Kurd would categorise PKK with IRA and similar groups. They may be called freedom fighters but in reality they are terrorists. They see it OK to kill non-cambatents for the good of their own people. Killing the innocent is NEVER OK.

    But I would also want to mension that most Kurds do not support them. The Kurds are fed up with war. Many blame PKK for the lose of their sons and daughters as the Turks do.

    The following is an article about Kurdish leaders attempt to isolate the PKK:
    Iraqi Kurds agree to isolate PKK in mountains

    The number of PKK members are declining by day. PKK is mainly a Turkey based group and are not active in other regions of kurdistan and even in Turkey many former PKK supporters and members hide their past identity as its no longer seen in a positive way.

    Our warriors and freedom fighters are the Peshmerga.
    posted by Roya @ 12:37 AM   24 Comments
    18th of Tir, two years before 9/11
    Tuesday, September 12, 2006
    Many atheist blogs have deligated atleast a post to September 11 victoms and I want to express my support of the victoms of anti-liberty-terrorists by also remembering another terrorist act victoms: The students of 18th of Tir massacre.
    Remembering July 9, 1999
    posted by Roya @ 2:36 AM   2 Comments
    Redefining Arab Identity
    Thursday, September 07, 2006
    When I was studying for my Higher School Certificate, we were taught a Persian story about the Arab invasion to Persia, in our Persian studies. What was interesting about it was that I was reading for the first time about the Arab invasion of Persia from a Persian perspective. It was not just a factual account of what happened but a personal account of what happened. It was about a Persian princess being raped by an Arab Muslim.

    What we studied in Iran was the exact opposite of this. We were taught through the eyes of Muslim Arab invaders. Our country history studies somehow stopped becoming a Persian study when our studies reached the era of Islamic Imperialism. All of a sudden we had moved from studying what was happening in Persia to what was happening in Arabia. We were taught that enlightened Muslims send a letter to the JAHIL Persian King to embrace the light of truth. We were not taught that Persia was invaded but that Muslims were fighting Jahils. You could even feel as if you were a Muslim Arab fighting the stupid Persian King.

    This is very different to our study of Mongolian invasion of Persia where the history of Changiz Khan is ignored with the exception of a subjective note on the barbaric culture of Mongolians. I remember being confused as our history study seemed to give the perception that all of a sudden, some barbaric people (from out of space?) felt like killing some Persians. (note we were not taught about the killing of a Mongolian ambassador by Persia, which had a lot to do with the start of the invasion).

    So when I was given this story about a Persian girl being raped by an Arab, I felt like I found a solution for fighting Islam in Iran. We needed to show Islam as an external factor and not internal. People have a problem with accepting that their culture is bad but if you show it has an external factor, that is it is not OUR culture but OTHERS, we have a hope fighting it.

    This is why I think many Iranians are not identifying themselves as Muslims even if they are Muslims. The culture and history of Persia has always been important for Iranians, even after centuries of arabization, Iranians have still kept many of their culture intact. They see their identity mainly reflected in the history of Iran prior to Arab invasion rather than after the invasion even after all these efforts by our theocratic government to change this. In fact their efforts as I believe has had a backlash effect.

    I never thought however, that this can also apply to Arabs but I was wrong. Arabs are not just Muslims. They have some beautiful history and culture no inferior to any other. Arabs were the one that translated the ancient Greek philosophy works. They had rules and customs that were not undermined even by the thieves. But this is never considered. This is NOT a fault of foreigners. It is Arabs themselves who want to undermine the history of Arabs before Islam. It may seem absurd but it is understandable as they see themselves as Muslims and Islam has made it clear that Arabs we uncivilized people before Islam. So if we are to ever fight Islam we really have to consider the Arab identity as the key to achieving that.

    We are not racists but anti-Islam, however as long as Muslims define their identity solely on religion we are going to be seen as just racists.

    This is a very interesting article by Ali Sina that made me think about this.
    posted by Roya @ 12:23 AM   32 Comments
    Gay Hyundai Car Commercial
    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    I just came across this very funny gay car commercial from France on You Tube. I searched it on the internet and found a very interesting article about it.
    posted by Roya @ 6:11 AM   0 Comments
    Monday, September 04, 2006
    Even Stevphen - Islam vs. Christianity

    A very clever representation of Islam vs Christianity argument from one of my favorate US shows.
    posted by Roya @ 10:11 PM   5 Comments
    Steve Irwin dead
    Sunday, September 03, 2006

    A very shocking story about a guy who is a star for anyone who is in love with nature and animals.

    The naturalist and television star Steve Irwin has died in a diving accident in far north Queensland. He was 44.

    Police say he was stung through the heart by a stingray while diving off Port Douglas.

    Read more.
    posted by Roya @ 11:51 PM   3 Comments
    Which political wing do you support?
    Saturday, September 02, 2006

    Do you know which political wing represents your believes?

    I'm getting more and more confused as to where I stand in relation to political wings. I DO KNOW what I stand for but not sure which political wing represents my ideas. In fact I have seen many others having the same problem (Christopher Hitchens also?) which I think should lead to a redefining of such terms.

    I don't think we can any longer call individuals as either being left-leaning or right-leaning politically. There are so many ideas that no one individual would agree on all of them with some one else.

    In the French revolution, you were a lefty if you believed in republicanism and right-wing if you were monarchist. In the Cold War, we were a left-wing if you believed in commuism and right-wing if you believed in free market.

    The more ideas come along the harder it would be to call one either a left wing or a right wing politically. Because not all people who share an opinion are going to have the same opinion on another political issue.

    I for example, would be called a left wing, when it comes to social liberties but when it comes to securiy, defence, or Islamofacism, I would be called a right wing. And this is my problem. The Liberal party (conservatives) are anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, pro-religion and the Labor party and the Greens are terrorists-apologists, neutral-on-religion, anti-US and ani-Israel and don't see Islam as a threat. I don't know if there is a choice here for me, is there?
    posted by Roya @ 10:34 PM   16 Comments
    Sign the Wal-Mart Bible Letter
    There is a Wal-Mart letter that you can sign, if you haven't done that yet, which is concerning the selling of Bible, which the letter argues is promoting discrimination, racism and murder which are all illegal to do and therefore needs to be taken of the shells.

    It's very interesting. Over 1800 have signed it already.
    posted by Roya @ 10:25 PM   0 Comments
    The Backlash Against Iran's Role in Lebanon
    Friday, September 01, 2006
    Thanks to Gay and Right, who posted this article from TIME.

    Main point,

    "For the majority of Iranians who are barely scraping by, such news is infuriating. In fact, unpopular government spending on a faraway Arab community brings out a rather ugly Persian chauvinism. One story has Mrs. Nasrallah, the wife of Hizballah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, receiving a gift of Iranian caviar, and thinking it some sort of jam. There is no jam that looks like tiny eggs, I told the friend who repeated the story to me. Her look told me I was being obtuse. The fact is, the more President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his government pander to public sentiment in the Arab world, which is ecstatic over Hizballah's defiant stand against Israel, the more Iranians feel neglected."

    Iranians are NOT happy with their governments role in the Hizbullah's war on Israel. They DON'T consider themselves muslims but IRANIANS.
    posted by Roya @ 7:26 AM   6 Comments
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